Business Analysis

To be successful, a company needs a well thought though strategy and business plan. The business plan is necessary for outside/third parties starting with the company’s creditors, investors, public funds as well as for internal parties/bodies such as the management board, governing council or similar. The consultants of Invent Baltics Ltd possess long term experience in formulating business plans for (research intensive) start-ups and companies. The latter gives us the capability to feel at home also in complex situations.

Our consultants have put together business plans that have:

  • Brought risk capital investments into the company (including from the Estonian Devopment Fund)
  • Guaranteed bank loans for investment, business plan execution
  • Supported the preparation of specific action plans – export plans, development strategies etc.

The foci of planning a business strategy lies in carrying out a market and competitive analysis with the aim to collect and systematically analyse data about the target markets of a product or technology under question. The market analysis involves two aspects:

  • Defining the competitive advantage of the planned product/technology
  • Outlining competitive products/technologies and their position on the market

The outcome of such market analysis helps to define the approximate market potential and increase estimates on the target markets. Our market analyses help clients understand the commercial value of their business idea (product/technology) and put into place the best suiting business models. One of our main activities includes analysing foreign markets and we have good cooperation partners in different countries with whom to carry out the work.

Our expertise in carrying out foreign market analyses and putting together export plans is substantial. Our client base includes both industrial and high technology enterprises. A selection of sectors that we have analysed most recently includes: nano- and material technologies, biomedicine, mechanical engineering, food industry, information and communication technologies.

The prepared export plans have promoted sales development both in adjacent/neighbouring (the Baltic Sea region) and more distant markets (China, India, USA). During project development we have established and strengthened contacts with consultants from many countries. 

For more information please contact:

Senior Consultant Tõnis Eerme
+372 5340 7861