Project Management

The consultants of Invent Baltics Ltd possess good EU Framework Programme (FP7) and EUREKA Eurostars programme project management and administrative coordination skills, knowledge and widespread practical experience.

We have managed large FP7 technology projects with big international consortia (ROBOSWARM, SMARTMUSEUM, DIAMOND, FILOSE, SEPIA, E-Signage), administered FP7 mobility projects (WaterS, TEAM), led FP7 coordination and support action projects (ERANIS, NordicBaltSat, EstSpace, NanoSAT) and close-to-the-market development projects (NAVIGATE, SolarBud).

Management of international projects presumes that the project manager and the management support team and very well informed about the financial and reporting rules of a specific programme. They also have to grasp well the structure of the development project itself as well as its consortium / role of each partner.

Our consultants will assist you in:

  • Managing reporting within the consortium, planning and overseeing project spending
  • Managing the consortium budget
  • Organising and leading consortium meetings
  • Preparing reporting to and communicating with the European Commission
  • Preparing and executing technological (content-wise) and budgetary changes to the work plan
  • Administering the consortium agreement
  • Communicating with the financing agency / European Commission

For more information please contact:

Senior Consultant Silver Toomla
Mobile: +372 5171 781