Invent Baltics OÜ consultants supported the consortium of 7-members, led by Tallinn University of Technology, in putting together a successful Horizon 2020 ICT project IMMORTAL

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Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) project proposal: Modelling, Fault Management, Verification and Reliable Design Environment for Cyber-Physical System (IMMORTAL, project ID: 644905) was submitted under H2020 ICT 1 call: "Smart Cyber-Physical Systems.” IMMORTAL received a high score of 14.5 and also invitation to the grant preparation. It is expected to get the grant agreement for € 3.99 million signed between TUT and EC by the end of this year.

IMMORTAL aims at developing an integrated tool framework for dependable cyber-physical systems' design.
Besides TUT (www.ttu.ee/en) the consortium consist of German Aerospace Center (www.dlr.de), Technische Universität Graz from Austria (www.tugraz.at), University of Twente from Holland (www.utwente.nl), IBM from Israel (www.research.ibm.com/haifa), Estonian SME Testonica Lab OÜ (testonica.com), and Recore Systems from Holland (www.recoresystems.com).

Invent Baltics role: support on project preparation, negotiations with the Commission, and admistrative managemnet of the project.
Project duration: 36 months
Total budget: EUR 3 996 653
Funding rate: 100% (Research and Innovation Action)

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